Sony DSLT – Alpha 37


Abraham Lincoln once said

if i had a digital camera it would definitely be SONY DSLT alpha 37.

Hell yeah he would be happy with it,take couple of historic photos and few HD clips of the revolution. Group shots of the parliament and his besties.Videos of him,his cat and funny fails  would be on YouTube .May be he would shot some short movies of his stand with the alpha 37. So sad all this didn’t happen but now you have a chance.

Sony arrives on the scene to compete with the latest heavy weights and conquers the scene by bringing the best DSLR a.k.a DSLT because of its unique single lensed translucent mirror technology @  a mere 598$

See why this is new because all other cameras are SLR or a DSLR which means they have a penta -mirror setup before the sensor,this needs to rotate every time the camera needs to switch between eyepiece (view finder)& sensor,Mirror rotates. Thus when you take a shot the view finder will go blank for a few seconds. Features like continuous auto focus will be hampered by it as camera needs to update their sensor,viewfinder,live view screen ,auto-focus sensors one by one . As it looks there will be some physical restrictions on how the camera will perform fast. Super high end cameras will handle the demerits my making stronger and lighter mirror to deal with rapid and fast response at the huge cost of cost. But entry level DSLRs will suffer as they cannot improve upon this due to cost cutting.Visibly the video feature is likely to suffer and Continuous photos doesn’t give more than 3-4 photos per seconds(fps).

Enter the DSLT, exclusively brought out by Sony TM  A DSLT has a translucent mirror technology by the means of which the mirror as used before ,is translucent. So the mirror is fixed at a place and lets 70% light to sensor and 30% to the electronic view finder above. Meaning the sensor and view finder are always open and features like continuous auto focus get the boost they require.Even the continuous shooting meets the range of 7 fps on the alpha 37.

Now you know what’s new on this : Dive into some more details.


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